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One Reason Women Fare Worse in Negotiations? People Lie to Them.

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I’ve thought about writing something out about this for a while now. 

I am constantly seeing pro-kink people defending BDSM with remarks such as - ”How is BDSM misogynistic when there are submissive men and dominant women?”

As someone who was deeply involved in the BDSM community, and who was more specifically, a domme who enacted that domination out solely on men, this is one of the most frustrating defences of BDSM.

First, let me state that just because, in any situation involving misogyny or oppression of any kind, there are instances that seem to go against the grain doesn’t make that a good argument. It also doesn’t make it free of the same critique. 

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Me being gender critical doesn’t erase your identity and isn’t a call for trans people to be killed. Women are allowed to structurally analyize social theory, regardless of if you agree with them or not. If you can’t tell the difference between political analysis, and a call for a mass extermination, then you probably shouldn’t be given your own political platform.  

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Anonymous said: why are escorts needed in abortion clinics?


Because pro-lifers have a nasty habit of trying to block women from entering the doors, either by bullying them with revolting and misleading photographs, trying to emotionally coerce them, harassing them and calling them baby-killers, or trying to lead them to “crisis pregnancy centres” that are actually right-wing Christian centres.

There’s also the little-mentioned tendency of pro-life groups to become violent and shoot abortion doctors, so escorts can and do serve as the first line of defence.


If “TERFs” had as much political power as trans activists seem to think we do, maybe women would actually have bodily autonomy. 

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Look, I fixed it.

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“Control over a woman is the only form of dominance most men possess, for most men are merely subjects of more powerful men.”

—   Marilyn French, From Eve to Dawn (via goneril-and-regan)

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Anonymous said: I'm one of your friends and I just wanted to tell you that I watch porn, and stuff, and I understand that you don't agree with it and that we are all entitled to our own opinions. But I wanted to let you know your words have hurt me. And maybe you think it's a good thing that I feel bad about it but I really didn't need another voice (in or outside my head) telling me what a horrible person I am. Especially from a friend


i don’t understand why you are on anon if we are friends.  we can totally discuss this privately and in terms established by our acquaintance.  but if you want a response like this, then fine.

"entitled to our own opinions" only works when it comes to stuff like favorite foods.  when it comes to pro-porn vs anti-porn, it is not opinion time.  this is because one side supports the dehumanization, subordination, humiliation, and abuse of an entire class of people.  that’s not an opinion, that is a disgusting viewpoint that must be eradicated.

porn is terrible, and so is the bdsm i have criticized.  if you want resources as to why this is the essential truth, then here:



if you were my friend, you would know that i am 100% for women. this means i am for their protection and liberation as a class.  i do not tolerate misogynists, rape sympathizers, or active consumers of practices that harm women, aka porn, prostitution, and kink culture.  

if you honestly believe that liking porn is okay, and that my criticisms are out of line because it’s a matter of opinion, we cannot be friends.



It just hit me that when you call women out on having “cis privilege”, you’re asking them to apologize for being female and existing. How revolutionary. 

This ^ and Once again, there is no “cis” privilege, only male privilege. Gender nonconforming males (trans women) are harmed, yes, for not conforming to gender. But females are harmed whether they perform femininity or reject it.

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